Per Unit(PU)

Per Unit格式,是TI的IQMath库中用到的一种数据格式,相关的数学函数包括_IQsinPU,_IQcosPU,_IQatan2PU等。

Per unit values are typically used for variables in control application and are used by the library. Per unit value is found by dividing the
current reading by the maximum value that can be read. For example, if the voltage sense max is 20 V and the instantaneous reading is 5 V, the per unit value is 5/20 = 0.25.




官方整理的链接:CLA: Frequently Asked Questions

** CLA VS C28x VS C28x+FPU **

To make sure we are on the same page, lets define the following instruction sets:
== C28x Instruction Set
This is the original fixed-point instruction set.
== C28x+FPU Instruction Set
This is the C28x Instruction Set plus additional instructions to support native single-precision (32-bit) floating-point operations. While the additional instructions are mostly to support single-precision floating-point math, there are some other useful instructions like RPTB (repeat block) included. Since they are part of the superset, and only available on devices with the FPU, we still refer to them as part of the FPU instructions.
== CLA Instruction Set
The CLA instruction set is a subset of the FPU instructions. A few FPU instructions are not supported on CLA - for example the repeat block is not supported. The CLA also has a few instructions that the FPU does not have. For example: the CLA has some native integer math instructions as well as a native branch/call/return.
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